So I made a generic 3×3 sliding puzzle

You can play it here: Komachi sliding puzzle!


I was hired to make a 3×3 sliding puzzle for mobile devices, so I figured I should also make a Touhou version

Then I grabbed an image from Buta-Otome’s PV (Clap your hands with Komachi and friends) to use, because i love that song and video

I didn’t put much effort into polishing this game, it’s just a quick Touhou version of the game i was hired to make

Happy Cirno Day! (with a new game again!)

Mystia Dash banner

I made a Touhou fan-game game as my submission for the Cebu Entertainment Launchpad (CELP) event held last August at a local mall. Had fun watching random people play and struggle with the game – didn’t manage to find any Touhou fans other than those I already know though.

click the banner or click here to play it!

*Pics of playing this Touhou fan-game in public can be found here on my facebook page.

FlanPet under development!

Unlike DaiPet though, this will not be a desktop pet – it’ll be a full fledged Touhou pet game featuring Flandre Scarlet!

This time though I won’t be drawing the pet myself – my gf’s drawing it for me \o/

FlanPet banner

Going to release it on both PC and Android platforms like my recent games.

I’m also currently working on getting myself that expensive iOS license ($99 a year) so I can port the game to them apple devices – will take a while though :V

And yeah, this is an early announcement – so there’s still time to pitch in your ideas!

Go tell your friends and ask them what they think too.

*and link them to this page of course

My job as of late

Touhou Cebu Division

I mentioned in a previous post’s comment that I was hired as a programmer recently, but I forgot to mention that I’ve been working for ZUN.
That’s right, ZUN himself!
While he does type decent English, to make things faster I had my half-Japanese half -Spanish half-Filipina half-alien girlfriend help me with translating conversations.
Hence the photo in this post: me as kourin, my gf as yuyuko, and my gf’s gf as patchy.

Website almost revived!

yoshika drawingThe hard part was getting the old theme to work – I eventually gave up and decided to work on another theme

(By work on, I mean edit the colors of another theme)

I still need to copy-paste the old pages, posts, and reupload the games and software i made, as well as their preview pics, but that can wait



For now here’s a Yoshika that i drew with my gf’s pen tablet, wasn’t done in vectors so it kinda looks different from my usual style