Another Cirno day, another game!


Hunt without a care in the world!

Click any of the images of this post or here to play the game!

7For those that wondered what it felt like to be Rumia in Mystia Dash, you guys can now experience shooting a lot of danmaku without worrying about losing the game!

Doesn’t mean winning is easy though, you’ll need to pay attention for that. Getting hit by the enemies will slow your progress to victory.

Only remembered about Cirno day two days ago, so I couldn’t get my Yuyuwaifu GF artist to draw some new graphics for this game. Had to recycle art orz. Originally planned this to be an Aya game since it’s fast-paced.

Shout out to Tony Kaku, the awesome dude that made the music for this game!

Seriously, thanks dude =w=b

Listen to more of his music by clicking here

So I made a generic 3×3 sliding puzzle

You can play it here: Komachi sliding puzzle!


I was hired to make a 3×3 sliding puzzle for mobile devices, so I figured I should also make a Touhou version

Then I grabbed an image from Buta-Otome’s PV (Clap your hands with Komachi and friends) to use, because i love that song and video

I didn’t put much effort into polishing this game, it’s just a quick Touhou version of the game i was hired to make

Happy Cirno Day! (with a new game again!)

Mystia Dash banner

I made a Touhou fan-game game as my submission for the Cebu Entertainment Launchpad (CELP) event held last August at a local mall. Had fun watching random people play and struggle with the game – didn’t manage to find any Touhou fans other than those I already know though.

click the banner or click here to play it!

*Pics of playing this Touhou fan-game in public can be found here on my facebook page.

FlanPet under development!

Unlike DaiPet though, this will not be a desktop pet – it’ll be a full fledged Touhou pet game featuring Flandre Scarlet!

This time though I won’t be drawing the pet myself – my gf’s drawing it for me \o/

FlanPet banner

Going to release it on both PC and Android platforms like my recent games.

I’m also currently working on getting myself that expensive iOS license ($99 a year) so I can port the game to them apple devices – will take a while though :V

And yeah, this is an early announcement – so there’s still time to pitch in your ideas!

Go tell your friends and ask them what they think too.

*and link them to this page of course

My job as of late

Touhou Cebu Division

I mentioned in a previous post’s comment that I was hired as a programmer recently, but I forgot to mention that I’ve been working for ZUN.
That’s right, ZUN himself!
While he does type decent English, to make things faster I had my half-Japanese half -Spanish half-Filipina half-alien girlfriend help me with translating conversations.
Hence the photo in this post: me as kourin, my gf as yuyuko, and my gf’s gf as patchy.

Website almost revived!

yoshika drawingThe hard part was getting the old theme to work – I eventually gave up and decided to work on another theme

(By work on, I mean edit the colors of another theme)

I still need to copy-paste the old pages, posts, and reupload the games and software i made, as well as their preview pics, but that can wait



For now here’s a Yoshika that i drew with my gf’s pen tablet, wasn’t done in vectors so it kinda looks different from my usual style