Touhou Box is up!!

After a few days of eugh it’s finally complete. The new Touhou box is at so head over and register nao. And yes, it’s very VERY easy to use.

The old Touhou Box will be changed to a direct link to the area after all members have transferred over to the new one. Also a huge image link is at the sidebar :3

Joint game project+EastGap hosting!

Our beloved karakasa is getting her own game!

What originally started as a game idea centered on Kogasa got many supporters, including myself. It’s a joint game project so the game would look wayyy better than the games that i worked on solo, here are the images we gathered so far.

[nggallery id=21]

In other news:

Web hosting made easy, you can have your site on [yourname] or on your own domain if you already have one.

By made easy i mean this is aimed at complete beginners and i’ll actually help build your site and gu Continue reading