Major stuff

First up i can nao improve the quality of my music, no moar cheap sounding midis for my games :3


Border of Life – BN Piano mix (Eat The Bullet main menu Theme)

And i *slowly* developed another game after thinking wut kind of game would be so simple that it can actually include ALL Touhou in it. So i made THIS game

Preview for teh gap game

Preview for teh gap game

All you do in the game is to close the gaps containing the Touhou characters by pressing the first letter of their name, then either press enter/left click to close the gap(depending on game mode) Pre-final demo will be released soon but its online scoreboard can already be previewed HERE.

Currently, the test versions use art from various unkown artists that i can’t give credit to, but the full version will only contain art by the EastGap development team.

If you want to join drop a shout in the chatbox or mail me for specifics. (All contributors will be credited)

On a side note, we currently have about 30 members in the team, so the game ideas are popping up quite fast xD (and development already started for some)


As part of the tests for the new Touhou Box i decided to upload a bunch of drawing videos. (no audio and very short so they all load VERY quickly)

The Yukari banner:

More of these videos here: LINK

and the original Touhou Box page here: LINK

Also, online scoreboard for Eat the Bullet is complete! now to finish the game itself. The scoreboard can be previewed here: LINK

You can submit your best score online and view all online scores in-game!