Eat the Bullet – progress + wav pack

And yeah, instead of 10 there’ll only be 9 since i ran out of creativity and the patterns are already repetitive to begin with xD

Already made all of the patterns, in fact, here’s a preview to the LAST (Cirno-th) pattern.

[singlepic id=133 w=483 h= float=]

All that’s left now is to make the harder versions of each card until it gets impossible to do :3

And yeah, it’ll be the FULL release, if you’re too excited to wait you might as well download the wav BGM pack for the game here: LINK

It’s a self-extracting archiv Continue reading

Nope nothing game related…

Just that it’s my BIRTHDAY TODAY WEEEEE~~

(look at published time lmao, i had this post set in advance)

On that note, i *just* need to finish my last piece of schoolwork then i’ll finish the Eat the bullet game before working on the more recent projects involving the EastGap Team (non-solo game projects)

Since it’s my birthday (lol abuse) Click any Cirno (forms) to feed her :3

(she’s also adoptable, adopted 10 out of max 99 times)

Click Cirno to feed her! (left to right: first form until level 99, 2nd form until level 199, 3rd form max lvl 299)

The Cirno images are in animated.png format, if your browser doesnt support it you’ll see the first frame of the animation instead. Supported browsers include firefox.