EtB's Wav bgm now compulsory~

I’ll start this post with a drawing i traced with vectors, Original drawing by Ren.

Wohoo I gave O-Rin white sleeves~traced(Click image to see original drawing by Ren)

EtB… since the guy doing its music is HAXXX i’ll make the damned wav bgms a compulsory download (that means the game will be about 50mb or moar, most likely moar). And since that’s pretty huge i’ll just make the game available to download from several free file hosts (mirrors) :3

Also i REALLY need to start working on that credits + music room, damn.

EtB needs bug testers!

Imma start this post with a pun for the new year because im lulzy like that. (If you dont recognize the one with the flower hat you SERIOUSLY need to get Touhou 12 – UFO seirensen)

Ultimate Battle Between Shou and Rumia!Ubiquital (from Team EastGap) offered to make NINE tracks worth of Mystia theme remixes for Eat the Bullet, so im going to see how that’ll turn out. Not sure how long it’ll take him but that means i’ll have to make a credits screen lol.

Also i dunno if he’d like to do both Night bird(stage theme) and Deaf to all but the Song(boss theme) or only one of them, im getting excited :3

As for EtB, lots of bugs were fixed (all the major ones atleast) and the game was balanced a bit. And since i want the nine tracks, i’ll extend the bug testing period.

Mystia is waiting for her remixes~

lastly, EastGap stats -> Busiest month: Dec 2009 (6,666 requests for pages)

That’s 10.009009009… times cooler than the de-…yeah :3