Eat the Bullet released!

1 year, a shiton of updates, and a thousand bugfixes later, Eat the Bullet is finally released!

Click here to go to EtB page

Ofc there’s still a few bugs that need to be sorted out and i’ll need your bug reports but for now it has all the features i planned to implement!

Notable changes:

  • separate online scoreboard for endless mode
  • you can choose starting difficulty of endless mode
  • options are no longer funky
  • *better* music using .ogg instead of the old midi bgms
  • bombs implemented (try the vuvulazer in the options menu)
  • Z button now actually does something useful (butterflies)

Known bug:

  • full screen mode messes up the resolution (a.k.a. can’t see shit)

– to go full screen without messing with the resolution (just stretching the window), press F4

That’s pretty much it, happy playing (and bug reporting :3)