Cirno Pet released!

4 cirnoes

Took me half a month since the announcement but it’s complete! Maybe even a little *too* complete because it’s 15kb larger than what i wanted it to be

(was planned to be ⑨⑨kb)

Touhou for your desktop! based off the old Cirno squiby online adoptable pet, but this one can do more things than just gobble up internet clicks and sit somewhere on a webpage. It flies around your desktop! nuff’ said. Also it can give diabetes and -HNGGGGGGGGGGg

To get it on your desktop, click HERE!


like the walfas tenshi pet and it’s desktop version, this pet does not have any actual petting features like feeding

Upcoming desktop Cirno pet!

So i was looking at this pic that showed how cool pirates are…

(apparently cool enough to prevent global warming)pirates and cirno prevent global warming

…then the desktop pet Cirno (in development) fluttered into the pic and made me lol. So i decided to announce it today. It’s made to be as light as possible so it won’t have anywhere near as many features as the desktop pet version of walfas’ Tenshi pet.

Actual release date is currently unknown since i’m still getting used to this. Could be anywhere from a week to a month.

You’ll need windows 2000 or newer to be able to use the Cirno pet.

(dunno if it’ll work on linux)

Eat the Bullet! update (v 1.1)

Updates! everyone likes `em

– text goes transparent when going near them
– options also spin when moving up/down when left and right keys aren’t held down
(why didn’t I think of that before)

– score rush now has that annoying message that happens when you win/lose with the highest score on your PC

* Take videos in-game! (no sound)
How to take a video:
1. Press F1 anywhere in-game
2. (recommended)  Pick a compressor for the video (drop down menu)
3. (optional)  select recording configurations
4. Press ok
5. play game / do whatever you want to record
6. Press F1 again to stop recording (you’ll know it stops when a “saved” message box pops up)

If Xvid doesn’t appear in the list, you can get the installer from here

If you somehow don’t know how to find the download page, it’s here: