Site going down for a few days

Well the website itself won’t actually be going down, it will just be inaccessible while the domain transfers to another provider (the current one has failed me)

Estimates say 5-15 days: here’s me hoping it’ll only take 5 days lol

meanwhile, here’s the image i posted on my pixiv account to celebrate the completion of DaiPet

DaiPet on pixiv

DaiPet released!

DaiPet banner

Started work on this in January, i hit a few setbacks that slowed development time by infinity fold(this should’ve been done by April) but it’s finally done!

It’s a desktop pet with more pet-like features than most desktop buddies you see in the internetz – that means feeding and multiple forms features.

Get it here – it’s free. You can also click here or click the banner at the top of this post.

In other news: the site’s shoutbox is now fix’d

next stop is to restore the pages for the other games, and both shanghai toy/cirno pet pages