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About me:

0. Touhou-fan, stuck at normal difficulties, avoids easy-modo

1. made this site and the eastern summer 9+ demo in a month (simultaneously)

2. actually have a life, if I didnt I would’ve been able to release the full version already

3. Projects from the first 3 years experience with making games were all incomplete, just never had anywhere to release them. Now I have 7 years under my belt and have made several games for people (for cash)

4. 23 year old BA political science student in a state university

5. Have abysmal grades for a scholar, then again my country’s government has been skimping on its educational budget so i guess that’s fine

6. Wants you to register and fill your page up with Touhou stuff

7. Sees no need to share information other than the above

8. This is a filler so i can write something in number 9

9. Im also made of epic win 😀

Contact through: (order from 1:fastest to 4:slowest reply)

1. on my facebook account:

2. My e-mail address:

3. The site’s chatbox on the left of all pages

4. Through one of the forums that i use

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