So I made a generic 3×3 sliding puzzle

You can play it here: Komachi sliding puzzle!


I was hired to make a 3×3 sliding puzzle for mobile devices, so I figured I should also make a Touhou version

Then I grabbed an image from Buta-Otome’s PV (Clap your hands with Komachi and friends) to use, because i love that song and video

I didn’t put much effort into polishing this game, it’s just a quick Touhou version of the game i was hired to make

Happy Cirno Day! (with a new game again!)

Mystia Dash banner

I made a Touhou fan-game game as my submission for the Cebu Entertainment Launchpad (CELP) event held last August at a local mall. Had fun watching random people play and struggle with the game – didn’t manage to find any Touhou fans other than those I already know though.

click the banner or click here to play it!

*Pics of playing this Touhou fan-game in public can be found here on my facebook page.

FlanPet under development!

Unlike DaiPet though, this will not be a desktop pet – it’ll be a full fledged Touhou pet game featuring Flandre Scarlet!

This time though I won’t be drawing the pet myself – my gf’s drawing it for me \o/

FlanPet banner

Going to release it on both PC and Android platforms like my recent games.

I’m also currently working on getting myself that expensive iOS license ($99 a year) so I can port the game to them apple devices – will take a while though :V

And yeah, this is an early announcement – so there’s still time to pitch in your ideas!

Go tell your friends and ask them what they think too.

*and link them to this page of course

My job as of late

Touhou Cebu Division

I mentioned in a previous post’s comment that I was hired as a programmer recently, but I forgot to mention that I’ve been working for ZUN.
That’s right, ZUN himself!
While he does type decent English, to make things faster I had my half-Japanese half -Spanish half-Filipina half-alien girlfriend help me with translating conversations.
Hence the photo in this post: me as kourin, my gf as yuyuko, and my gf’s gf as patchy.

DaiPet released!

DaiPet banner

Started work on this in January, i hit a few setbacks that slowed development time by infinity fold(this should’ve been done by April) but it’s finally done!

It’s a desktop pet with more pet-like features than most desktop buddies you see in the internetz – that means feeding and multiple forms features.

Get it here – it’s free. You can also click here or click the banner at the top of this post.

In other news: the site’s shoutbox is now fix’d

next stop is to restore the pages for the other games, and both shanghai toy/cirno pet pages

Reisen Rush released!

R-Rush menu

6 months and a few reuploads since the start of making a game engine, Reisen Rush is finally released!

That’s half the time taken since the start of Eat the Bullet

Just the tip of the iceberg, this game is to show a demo of the power of said engine.  This doesn’t include anything fancy, and only needs a mouse to play

Click here to go to Reisen Rush page

And i seem to be improving in terms of development speed, since i actually made all of the game’s art and music. You can expect better games in the future.

(They’ll most likely be available for free, so they won’t exactly be commercial quality unless if i somehow make something good enough to sell)

As always, a donation would be nice ^^

Upcoming game: Reisen Rush!

After months of making a game engine (with lots of help from EastGap members), a new game is just around the corner.

Reisen Rush banner

Originally meant to test said game engine, it came out as a pretty fun idea so after initial tests i went ahead and decided to make it into a full blown (small) game.

There are already a few previews but the pics aren’t the size of the full window since i haven’t finalized the fancy bars and numbers that you normally see in games yet. The game already has its page and its previews here.

Dunno about the release date since i *just* finished the looping stage theme today, still has alot of refinements left to do and i haven’t even started working on the four bosses yet xD

Oh yeah, and I decided to announce this game since it’s my birthday today o/

Game should be done way before the 25th, i’ll try to get it polished enough for release before that time as a christmas gift to all Touhou fans.

Eat the Bullet! v1.2 (minor updates)

As per request by the dudes at, specifically this thread, I added:

  • F2: Toggle FPS thingy
  • Endless Mode highest score can be submitted manually


Endless mode scores recorded before this patch cannot be submitted.
If you want to use your old score i’ll need you to send me your settings.ini file.

I’ll then send two files in return to have your score submit-able as if it was made during the patch

And oh yeah, another Mystia animation, this time it’s for a game that I’m working on in C++

Idle Mystia Stand AnimationIdle Mystia

Yes, it’s a teaser for a really-big-and-secret project in the works.