Another Cirno day, another game!


Hunt without a care in the world!

Click any of the images of this post or here to play the game!

7For those that wondered what it felt like to be Rumia in Mystia Dash, you guys can now experience shooting a lot of danmaku without worrying about losing the game!

Doesn’t mean winning is easy though, you’ll need to pay attention for that. Getting hit by the enemies will slow your progress to victory.

Only remembered about Cirno day two days ago, so I couldn’t get my Yuyuwaifu GF artist to draw some new graphics for this game. Had to recycle art orz. Originally planned this to be an Aya game since it’s fast-paced.

Shout out to Tony Kaku, the awesome dude that made the music for this game!

Seriously, thanks dude =w=b

Listen to more of his music by clicking here

Eat the Bullet released!

1 year, a shiton of updates, and a thousand bugfixes later, Eat the Bullet is finally released!

Click here to go to EtB page

Ofc there’s still a few bugs that need to be sorted out and i’ll need your bug reports but for now it has all the features i planned to implement!

Notable changes:

  • separate online scoreboard for endless mode
  • you can choose starting difficulty of endless mode
  • options are no longer funky
  • *better* music using .ogg instead of the old midi bgms
  • bombs implemented (try the vuvulazer in the options menu)
  • Z button now actually does something useful (butterflies)

Known bug:

  • full screen mode messes up the resolution (a.k.a. can’t see shit)

– to go full screen without messing with the resolution (just stretching the window), press F4

That’s pretty much it, happy playing (and bug reporting :3)

Server upgrade!

My domain ( is now hosted by Keiro from EidolonHost, which means i’ll start work on the site again and finally release Eat the Bullet!

A lot of unexpected problems came up with the site hibernation (a few months) so for now I’ll focus on just getting the site to its old working condition.