Mystia Dash


Run, Jump,  and Fly!


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Windows version – (.exe 3.5 MB)

Android version – (.apk 5.51 MB)

(released on Cirno day 2014)



Play as Mystia in this simple run, jump, and fly game. Your goal is to escape from Rumia who’s trying to eat you!

  • Tap / click on the screen to jump
  • Tap / click again and hold while mid-air to fly

This game is actually my submission for the Cebu Entertainment Launchpad (CELP) event held last August at a local mall. Had fun watching random people play and struggle with the game – didn’t manage to find any Touhou fans other than those I already know though.

*Pics of playing this Touhou fan-game in public can be found here on my facebook page.


Special Thanks: 

My Yuyuwaifu GF for the art

Tony Kaku for the music

Rush the Hina – the Touhou fan-game where this is inspired from! [link]

ZUN – for creating the official Touhou series that we all know and love



If you find any bugs in Mystia Dash please let me know! Either through the comments, the site’s shoutbox, or through my e-mail address:

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