Eat the bullet

Eat the Bullet! BannerA  danmaku EATING mini-game


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Download: Click here (7MB) Version 1.2

High Scores:

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No storyline whatsoever, other than Yuyuko eating Mystia’s danmaku



  • Dodge Mystia’s danmaku as long as you can(longer = harder)
  • You have options, used for eating danmaku which will make life easier
  • After eating a certain amount of danmaku you gain more options, Game starts with 3.  Minimum: 2 Max: 9
  • Each option can be used as a bomb which disappears after use (X)
  • Each option can shoot bullet-clearing butterflies (Z)
  • Online scoreboards (Each mode has one)
  • Two game modes


  • Endless – steadily gets harder, endless gameplay
  • ScoreRush! – difficulty 3 only (10 spellcards total)





  • Arrow keys: movement (also spins options)
  • Z: Butterflies (1 each option, options can’t eat bullets for a second)
  • X: Yuyulaz0r! (cancels bullets, gives invincibility)
  • Shift: Focus (also makes Yuyuko’s options hold position around her)
  • F1: Start / Stop taking a video (saved as replay.avi in the game folder)- doesn’t record sound, because the game only has one sound effect (vuvulazer)
  • F2: Toggle FPS

Yes, you can take videos :3

You can choose whatever video compressor you have on your system, but it’s recommended you use Xvid if it’s on the list, and if it isn’t you can install it from here (700kb)

If you stop recording before the game ends, your score is set to NEGATIVE 9001

This is to prevent cheating, since recording videos will tend to slow computers down.



How to take a video (no sound)



1. Press F1 anywhere in-game

2. (recommended)  Pick a compressor for the video (drop down menu)

3. (optional)  select recording configurations

4. Press ok

5. play game / do whatever you want to record

6. Press F1 again to stop recording (you’ll know it stops when a “saved” message box pops up)



Known bug:

  • full screen mode messes up the resolution (a.k.a. can’t see shit)

– to go full screen without messing with the resolution (just stretching the window), press F4

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