Remilia Rush

360 degree keyboard-contolled danmaku game



Download: Remilia Rush  (8.5mb)



Out of nowhere Remilia decides to steal Reisen’s game!

Basically Reisen rush, but this time with (simpler) keyboard controls and a much higher difficulty setting. People will tend to enjoy this game more than the original Reisen version.



Arrow keys: movement

Shift + Arrow keys: fly faster

Z: charged shot

X: normal shot


Kinda buggy since it uses the game engine of Reisen Rush (my first C++ game), so this just ended up as a game to burn time instead of a game to actually beat. This is pretty difficult compared with Reisen Rush with much simpler controls though so people will usually enjoy this one more.


3 Responses to Remilia Rush

  1. Is there a version of this for the mac? I remember playing in on my old pc and loved playing this. I need to complete my goal to ANNIHILATE ALL THE ENEMIES FROM THE MAP! >:D

    • Like most Touhou games official/fanmade, you’ll have to use some kind of windows-esque way to run programs. Like WINE/Bootcamp

      This was made from scratch in C++ so porting it to mac isn’t worth it
      If this was made using my current preferred tool GM:Studio, porting to mac or any other platform would’ve been pretty easy

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