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Download: DaiPet (523kb)

*be sure to back up your save data often (data/pets.gap) – a bug that clears save files was discovered and it hasn’t been fixed yet


A Touhou desktop pet with sliiightly more pet-like features than the usual desktop buddies floating around on teh internetz. DaiPet is messing with the border of games and non-game software as there is quite a lot to play with. This pet is available for free, but donations are fine too!

  • Multiple pet forms – one form unlocked every 24 hours of game time
  • Pet Happiness: influenced by hunger, influences forms that can be unlocked
  • Two toys: cirno pet’s frozen frog and a shanghai doll (also a separate program)
  • A really simple mini-game: Mouse Chase
  • Random Danmaku mode (the basic patterns in Reisen/Remi Rush)
  • Multiple dai-chan pets (additional pets have a 5 minute hatch time)
  • Pets can switch between any forms already unlocked by it
  • Customizable hats, to add your own just place .png files to the game’s /custom_hats folder (game comes with a few default ones, just follow the numbering to avoid errors)
  • Pet behaviors like in cirno pet
  • Pet options like in cirno pet



If you find any bugs in DaiPet please let me know! Either through the comments, the site’s shoutbox, or through my e-mail address: bnelsey@eastgap.net.

bugs reported that i couldn’t replicate (hence fix) yet:

  • some pets stay at lvl 0 after hatching
  • shanghai/frozen frog gets stuck after spawning if the pet is in the program’s border limits
  • random crashes when trying to open menus
  • a save file writing error, that seems to end up deleting the file

4 Responses to DaiPet

  1. Yes, and No – it was kinda midway around the project

    I started work on it on January 2011
    stopped work around February because i added too many features and got too tired of implementing them.
    Then I saw that pic around july of the same year
    resumed work until it was finished before September ⑨ of that year, just in time for the annual Cirno day celebration \o/

  2. So just saying, this is really great. Definitely kills boredom or is great for simple few minute distractions when working. I just leave it running all the time letting them do their own thing, doesn’t bother me anymore or feel in the way while doing other things haha.
    But I had a thought perhaps you can make it so when there is not toy and multiple pets are on screen and are set to ‘play’, that they can interact with each other, like dodge or do ‘spells’ at each other. Which also is a second thought, spell actions maybe. Again just thoughts, and are likely a lot of work. But great job so far, I love what you have done with this.
    Keep up the good work!

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