Rumia Hunt


Hunt without a care in the world!


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Windows version – (.exe 3.5 MB)

Android version – (.apk 5.8 MB)

HTML5 browser version – (6MB)

(released on Cirno day 2015)



Play as Rumia in this casual mindless slaughter game. Your goal is to defeat 100 F.O.E.s in the lowest time possible

  • Tap / click on the different parts of the screen to dodge / attack / bomb
  • Can also be controlled with arrow keys
  • Android version uses swipe controls
  • Getting hit will slow your progress, but you can’t lose in this game

Started making this game only two days ago because I completely forgot about Cirno day. The game ended up much simpler than I would’ve liked.


Special Thanks: 

My Yuyuwaifu GF for the art (recycled from my previous game, Mystia Dash)

Tony Kaku for the music – seriously dude, thanks for doing that cool music in two days – and for free at that! ( more of his music at

ZUN – for creating the official Touhou series that we all know and love



If you find any bugs in Rumia Hunt please let me know! Either through the comments, the site’s shoutbox, or through my e-mail address:

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