Website almost revived!

yoshika drawingThe hard part was getting the old theme to work – I eventually gave up and decided to work on another theme

(By work on, I mean edit the colors of another theme)

I still need to copy-paste the old pages, posts, and reupload the games and software i made, as well as their preview pics, but that can wait



For now here’s a Yoshika that i drew with my gf’s pen tablet, wasn’t done in vectors so it kinda looks different from my usual style

4 Responses to Website almost revived!

  1. Oh man, I’m actually glad this website didn’t actually die. Even though there is little content, it’s something I like. Hard to explain, but that’s just how it is. I’m really looking forward to some updates on the pets and stuff. Well, why the long duration of inactivity anyway?

  2. As to why stuff is taking forever to fix, I’m getting paid to do programming jobs lol

    But yeah, i’ve been working on a new game on my spare time – I don’t have much of it though so it might take a while to finish.

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